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Original Bill - presented by Stray Theatre, 28 September - 1 October, 2022.

The Mooncake and The Kūmara - presented by Seed Theatre Co.  21 - 29 October, 2022.

Mei-Lin Hansen's play tells of a chance encounter which leads to a blossoming romance between Yee from Long Gai, China, and Elsie, of Māori heritage. But how can love truly take root when history, duty and family secrets force Yee and Elsie to choose where they stand?

Directed by Dragon Chen.

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AMAZING LOVE / AROHA KAIORA - presented by Pitt Street Theatre Co.  4 - 13 November, 2022. 

A short play to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the first Methodist missionary team to arrive in Aotearoa. Rev. Samuel Leigh and his wife Catherine. Catherine was the first European trained mid-wife to arrive in NZ. She saved Samuel’s life on more than one occasion. A tale of dreams, tikanga, war, fundraising, ship-wrecks and Jesus down-under. 

Written and directed by Geoff Allen. Performed by John Goudge and Marion Prebble.

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Snowflake - presented by Plumb Theatre, 23 November - 11 December, 2022.

Mike Bartlett’s play brings a brilliant examination of the polarisation that is rife throughout today’s society.

Set in a church hall in Oxford on Christmas Eve, Snowflake begins as Andy – a mildly-outraged fifty-something feeling at odds with the new generation's way of thinking – nervously prepares for a reunion with his daughter after years of no contact. A beautifully balanced portrayal of how the Boomer and Millennial generations struggle to find the common ground. 

Directed by Paul GittinsStarring Michael Lawrence, Clementine Mills and Layla Pitt.

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We have wheelchair access & disabled park by the front door ramp which can be held for you if you request.

Click here for the latest newsletter from Pitt St Theatre, 30 August, 2022.  

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Congratulations to the great line-up of shows at Pitt St Theatre during Auckland Fringe: 
Nuworks Theatre made in Australia, with 3 epic plays with music - Romeo and Julia in Belfast, Suffragettes: Deeds not Words, & Belfast;
Seed Theatre Co, with the zany musical Oedipus for Kids;
Pitt St Theatre Co, with the one-person show The John Show.



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