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Pitt St Theatre is the place for theatre in Auckland City.

See below for upcoming shows.

Shows at Pitt Street Theatre:

Whore's Eye View

Pitt Street Theatre 

Wed 28 & Thurs 29 February 2024, at 6pm - TWO NIGHTS ONLY

Written and performed by Kaytlin Bailey

Kaytlin Bailey is the founder and executive director of Old Pros, a sex worker

rights group, and the writer and performer of Whore's Eye View.

It is a one-woman show about 10,000 years of prostitution, female emancipation,

& sexual freedom - as part of her New Zealand and Australian tour.

Weaving history, comedic storytelling, and the wisdom of lived experience,

Kaytlin Bailey artfully unpacks the complex, age-old stigma underpinning

a status quo designed to keep women in their place.

An advocate and comedian, Bailey hosts The Oldest Profession Podcast

where each episode focuses on an “old pro” from history, connecting their

story to the ongoing struggle for sex worker rights. 

Tickets on

Thankyou to all the performers, directors, producers and crew who have brought magical theatre to Pitt Street in 2023.

We are looking forward to another year of theatre, music and comedy at Pitt St Theatre in 2024.

Here's a quick slideshow of some images from 2023's performances. (click on video)

The Pitt St Theatre has wheelchair access & disabled park by the

front door ramp which can be held for you if you request. 

Stay tuned for other news as our website is regularly updated.


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