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Pitt St Theatre is the place for theatre in Auckland City.

See below for upcoming shows.

Retail Therapy -

contemporary dance show ON NOW at Pitt St Theatre - 1 - 3 February 2023.


Announcing Retail Therapy™, a brand new contemporary dance performance coming to a store (theatre) near you!

Retail Therapy™ conjures into being the tropes, caricatures, and consequences of a consumption-fueled fever dream to create a tongue-in-cheek parody and a nightmarish portent of the perils of wanton consumerism. At times amusing, at times absurd, and at times alarming, Retail Therapy™ will lead you through the shadowy aisles of a Store™ after closing time, past the menacing mannequins and out into the back rooms, so you can find out where they hide the bodies what those Employees™ really get up to when the customers go home.

Be careful what you shop for…


Choreographed by Brandon Ross, in collaboration with movement artists Mel Duff, Georgia Foley, Sasha Matsumoto, and Dana Moore-Mudgway (Te Ātiawa, Rangitāne, Ngāi Tahu)

Lighting design and operation: Paul Bennett
Photography: Jacob Reynolds
Graphic Design: Lulu Qiu

Additional contributions by Rebecca Bernard, Alex Lye, and James Sandham.
Special thanks to all others who have contributed to the development process.


Thankyou to all the performers, directors, producers and crew who have brought magical theatre to Pitt Street in 2022.

We'll be updating this site shortly to let you know about the shows coming in 2023!

Here's a photo slideshow of the shows that graced the Pitt St Theatre stage in 2022.

The Pitt St Theatre has wheelchair access & disabled park by the

front door ramp which can be held for you if you request. 

Stay tuned for other news as our website is regularly updated.


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