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Upcoming Shows Pitt St Theatre 2024  

Smoko Theatre Company presents:


17 - 18 May, at 7.30pm at Pitt Street Theatre

Exploring the intertwined testimonial narratives of four migrants in New Zealand,the complexities of identity and belonging are unravelled. Through the personalexperiences of these individuals, the challenges and joys of adapting to a newenvironment, while struggling to maintain a connection to their culture of origin,are revealed. These stories offer an intimate view of the emotional highs and lows,triumphs and tribulations that migrants face in their search for a home and acommunity that fully accepts them.Amid cultural diversity and tensions between the familiar and the unknown,these narratives highlight human resilience and the constant search for a place totruly feel at home.

(Spanish language theatre)

Smoko is an independent theatre company from Wellington, NZ, directed by Manuel Saez (Chile).

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